Blonde days.. brunette days.. Mr Tom Cruise is that you?

November 2, 2009 at 6:50 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model) (, , , , , , , )

Well the first of our tasks came swiftly to me by way of message in SL today. 

To get you in the mood see ;P  Mission Impossible Theme tune remember to back space here after !

It was a bit Mission Impossible to say the least.  The note burst onto my screen I expected Tom Cruise to commando roll through the living room across the floor and land in front of the ironing board.

~~~~~~Hey Ladies,

(Should you choose to accept it!)

Please find attached the instructions for MRI Challenge #1

 due Sunday 11/08.

Good Luck!

I could just hear a voice in my head trailing off…… this message will self destruct if not closed within ten seconds.  Lightening quick I furiously click my OK button not wanting to blast my laptop off  into space or have my hot chocolate ricochet across the room and thus giving me yet another household chore to do!  Phew! Just in time I thought…. and then it suddenly dawned on me mmh what was this document ?  What did it say? Would I remember what I had to do??  Was there an attachment?  Nooooo WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!…  Have you ever had one of those days regardless of what hair colour you are regardless of what hair colour the bottle says you will be, you just feel like you are having a blonde day!  Tom Cruise aside -drool-  I realise I have closed the note and I have not found out what this all important mission was…. will the world be doomed … will my running in Miss Refined International be threatened… will I never see my 10, 000 items in my inventory again.. what was going to happen ???? 

In all seriousness 🙂 No matter how much I play at Mission Impossible and wish Tom would come waltzing into my lounge to save me from the day at hand and not that Jason doesnt do a great impression in his  note card!! – (The blog platform must be WordPress or you will fail this challenge)…..      I am so thrilled our challenges have started and look forward to the next few days telling you all about my lead up to the next exciting round of Miss Refined International. 

Should you choose to accept this mission.. I dare you to read all my blogs and I dare you to check me out as I run, no stumble er, I mean graciously glide with an air of sophistication  and finesse to the next challenge that we may be set.  Want to know more?? Hanging on the edge of your seat!! Stay tuned.  Oh and for a sneaky peak at lots of cool things I get to experience every day with MPI why not check their page at

 TTYL  🙂

 Tom is that you_004

Tom is that you?

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