Contest, competitions and all that malarky.

November 3, 2009 at 10:47 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model) (, , , , , , , )

Well today myself and Queenbrat were talking about the pitfalls and the good parts about the modeling world.  This sounds like this is going to be  negative and I don’t think I mean it to be 🙂   I guess someone starting to think about the SL world of modeling should know is you need to learn to have very hard-wearing skin.  What do I mean by this – well not that you need a great skin by Laq or Redgrave or places like that – of course that is essential- but as a living breathing person behind the avi who is try ing to get into the modeling business you need to have thick skin to take the good with the bad, the knocks with the good parts as well.   It was fantastic as a newly qualified or not even newly qualified model from MPI – – ModelPages International to be selected in September for the Miss Refined contest and to walk the catwalk in front of the judges.  I was, I must admit, quaking in my boots at the thought of walking out on stage and keeping my straight line as well as pose for the judges at the end.  It seemed like forever that Jason held off from saying thank you and that was my cue to return to the backstage.  I wasnt sure to thank the judges to smile and curtsey or to do exactly what I did and keep my straight line going and hope like heavens sake there was no lag!!! Finally behind the curtain and I collapsed on my computer -spent!  The casting was a nerve-wracking but also very interesting experience and one that I will never forget in an instance.  Only one experience of walking before and then straight into such a full on situation. 

It was interesting that others that were cast on that day were not able at that stage to make it through to the next round and one person I spoke to was so disappointed but as I learnt much later on the hard way what that disappointment felt like with another contest which I had entered two pictures of myself that I did and thought were quite good – ohhh how wrong I was!!  So thus began my hard skin test where I learnt that to make it in the business I have to have some tough skin and take all the good things with the bad things.  Queen and I agreed that you just can’t work out what people are looking for in contests or competitions and that all you can do is try your best and enter with all the best intentions as we go through our learning curve.

Back to the photography studio with a smile on my face and a will in my heart 🙂


My pics I took for first time 🙂

One of the pics for entry to the comp I didnt do so well in :)


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