Don’t I wish I spoke many languages.

November 3, 2009 at 1:09 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , )

Well there has never been a time in my life when I wished I had remembered my highschool education in Italian.  Not to mention that I wished at the tender age of 12 had I thought to myself – wow I think I should learn languages as I will never know when I may be at a SL modeling competition which is held all in ITALIAN for a mainly english and or french competitors. 

I went to the first selection or Prima Selezione of the models in the first round selections for Le Charme Fashion Model as selected by the designers Mirtha Marjeta & Ramona Planer.  It was with MPI – that I saw the information about the competition on their WordPress site .

It was a lovely room where the runway had been set on a huge red platform with lights and plush surroundings. The event was located on the SL sim of   The walls adorned with pictures of RL runway scenes and of the designers clothes and a giant face of the co-owner  Milla Rasmuson  plastered at either end of the runway. This lovely creature obviously a model either in the current SL life or former SL life and now branching out to things further afield.  There was much excitement and confusion in the air.  

The models attending had arrived although again confusion about the official kick off time.  A loud male voice was talking excitedly with the staccato fire of a rapid machine gun.  Later I was to learn that this gentleman was the announcer for the show.  With no warning other than some Italian I was struggling to understand we were underway for the show.  Now you might be asking ‘Why would I want to be at a show where the language is a barrier for me?’  and in the audience watching when I can not really understand what is happening.  I asked myself the same question.  The answer is a complicated affaire.  Firstly and foremost I have entered into this competition to model and display the amazing clothes. So, I went with SL life partner in tow to see how the runway looked to get a feel for what the competition was all about and to see what we might have to do when it comes to my turn on Thursday.  I am glad I went though as I have a feeling I would have been totally lost not understanding a word of what is being said. Secondly I have been chosen for the second round of selections  – ahhh i hear you say as it dawns on you.  Yes I was there to look at the lovely ladies that I will be competing against and I defy any model who has been in a competition to say they have not done that before time!! But the last and most important reason I went – in the notices we got I saw that a new friend of mine in SL through some of my modeling jobs – Eden Freese was going to be competing so I wanted to lend my support as she had done for me with another show I had been in.  She is a lovely lady a great designer in her own rights and a damn good laugh!  

From what she was saying she was as lost as I with the translations.  But this beauty managed to sashay her way down the runway and back stopping at the appropriate points with class and style and come first place in the judges eyes for the show.  Very impressive indeed for someone who had the same linguistic aptitude as I!! So my faith renewed I feel much happier about attending on November 5th.

It is times like this that I do start to realise how much my RL and my SL can come into play.  All those avi’s that state as part of their second life blurb or first life blurb that SL and RL never meet I challenge you to find that true in all aspects.  As a living breathing person behind an avi the two can not but touch on each other at some stage 🙂

Signing off for now

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