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After completing a casting for another of my agencies that I work with in SL I started to think about what the Miss Refined International means to me and why it was that this was the first contest I ever entered.  I think for me entering into the world of modeling started out as a desire I never fulfilled in my first life.  My parents had been told when I was younger that if I finished high school education that I wouldl be doing well as – in whisper mode the teacher spoke – I will never amount to much and they should be grateful that I graduate.  That meant nothing until it was that later in my life after working hard to pass school and to enter into University life only to work my little behind off to become an educator of children in Australia did I realise that those gracious comments were never taken in the vein that they were meant in.  I brushed them off without a care when growing up to realise that if I wanted something in life no matter how hard I had to work it was achievable.  I have come to Second Life with that same attitude.  I started out wanting to learn all about this Second life.  Within a few days I had sorted my avi out and many people kept asking if I was an alt – that totally confused me as I had no idea then what I know now :)- I gather as i pick up things quickly and when at first I do not succeed I try and try again. 

So as my time progressed I started to work for a huge sim called Kayia Islands and Kayia was gracious enough to hire me at one of her islands called Cupids Lagoon to host and welcome guests 🙂 This was a wonderful time and lots of lovely people were met.  It was there that I met some people that encouraged me even more to develop what was the old Keeley into the new Keeley :).  It was there too I met the most supportive person in my life my SL bf Shal.  I joke with him that he is my advisor and I should start giving him credits hee hee. 

I moved quite quickly into the world of modeling and came across this fabulous group called MPI – Modelpages International and through their guidance and  help I have never looked back 🙂 It was there I came across the competition and thought to myself ohhh do I dare enter being I had not even graduated at this stage !!  Shal said to me – go for it – and so go for it I did.  I was so honoured to be selected for the month of September as one of the Semifinalists and at times have to keep pinching myself to make sure it is true. 

I read an article recently by yzabelle Fuhrman on the MPI site – about Jason Grant the Founder and CEO of MPI and his views on the competition he is running that the lovely ladies I am proud to walk with are in. Here is the exert …

Miss Refined has been a buzz in SL. What does it exactly promote?
Jason Grant: Miss Refined is mostly about self-improvement and promoting a positive self-image while maintaining your self-respect. It is also about creativity, having fun and meeting others in the industry.

I thought to myself my goodness that is it that is the reason why I chose to compete. To promote a positive self image and maintaining my self respect.  I would never do anything in my life that disrespected my values and those of my parents that brought me up to respect myself and others.  Nor would I want to be in the type of competition that was only about self promotion but self improvement is a big YES from me.  That has been my life mantra and it will continue to be my life mantra as I move to the next stage of my life.  My thoughts well as the competition progresses sure I am nervous , sure I am worried I won’t make the grade but I am sure we all go through that when given challenges in life.  To win – well sometimes I never even dare let myself think of this – I have found my best attitude to most competitions is to do my best, be my best and the rest is all the icing on the cake 🙂 Winning is not the important part but how I take part how I conduct myself and how I try to always be true to me.  Giggling sure it would be amazing to be that one Miss Refined but can’t let that get to my head till I get there 🙂 The view is oh so much nicer when the effort has been put in.


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