Le Charme Le bella

November 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , )

Le Charme Le Charme Fashion ‘synonymous with high style and classic elegance and refined. The designers create clothes, necklaces, earrings, belts and precious finery.  A fascinating  journey started from 15th September’09 is what Ramona Planer and Mirtha Marjeta have undertaken.  Tonight I walked in the Second selection semifinals for Le Charm TOP MODEL.  It was a wonderful event held at the sim ***Sunset Stars***, Water (151, 174, 21) and hosted by Jenisha Kelbery in Italian and English. I think the funniest part for the models is that everything is heated and people are not so sure what is going on, as it’s in Italian, but the organisers do a great job at running up and down the length of the runway near the seats to make sure people are cued and things happen as they should – the  DVC chat is very funny and although a few tense moments generally everyone is enjoying their fifteen seconds in the limelight as they take that pulse racing walk down the runway and back.

The evening was filled with an appreciative crowd who were wowed by seven models wearing the marvelous Le Charme creations.  Each styled so individually from each other.  We had a wonderful panel of hosts who perused our styling, our presence and the way that we walked on the runway.  After much deliberation and many beautiful girls to look at a decision was finally made that the following ladies were to make it through to the next round of the event.

I would like to wish the following models and aspiring models all the best and congratulations as we move to the next round together.

1) amyjade Wirefly
2) Keeley Cooperstone
3) Nakia Decosta
3b)  Tarajane Darwin                              
4)Arisia Ashmoot
5)13 Cortes

They were all lovely and really put so much effort into their styling and design.  It is going to be a very hard competition and I can see I will really need to step up my game to do better to be the best I can be for the semi final show 🙂

I am very pleased to also be walking in the semifinals against my good Second Life friend Eden Freese.  She won the first round selection with impeccable style and supported me amazingly through my round.  Without her maybe I would not have realised this little gem…… right before my walk!!! 

A Leglace......

Needless to say that Emerald Viewer isnt all I thought it had cracked up to never trust when it says wear on Chest 2 that what you see in your screen is the same as what everyone else sees.   Thank you so much Eden for saving my skin 🙂    No matter the outcome of the next few stages I would be honored to be in them with her or even supporting her through those events. 

Thank you


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@


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