Life post Miss Refined.

November 6, 2009 at 11:26 pm (Miss Refined International, MRI blogs) (, , , )

Well one would have to always ask the question What happens after the whole competition of Miss Refined is over?  When the girls have all walked, they have charmed and posed their way into peoples hearts and the last announcements have been made. When they have found SL’s most beautiful, intelligent and talented female avatar. What will Miss Refined have to look forward to?  Yes there are many wonderful prizes and I am sure trying to spend the money or gift cards and the hundredth trying on of the tiara and once she has detached the glorious trophy and rezzed it in her place of worship.  What will she be looking forward to doing? 

Well for this little lady I think the most important part of the title that I would relish should I be so lucky would the spokes model role.  For me I think its important for someone that has evolved and changed so much, that has started to work toward becoming the best they can be, and also kept true to their beliefs and ideals  should share their knowledge with others.  There is nothing like helping another to learn even if its a small aspect. I can not tell you enough how much through my journey in modeling how a kind word a point or tip has helped me along my way.  I have one kind lady that mentors me and she supports me which is very rare to find.  It is with her help I become a better person a better model and continue to evolve. To me this is the most important part of winning the title and will be the part I look forward to the most. What a prestigious thing to have the ability to represent a great agency and then to become a spokes model for the Miss Refined ideals.  What a huge responsibility and one I readily look forward to should I be lucky enough to be chosen.


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