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November 7, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Life of SL Model, Modeling world, Musings)

Well tonights blog I hope will be much shorter. It seems every time I write I tend to put so much in but I feel that without setting the scene how is it that you can understand what it is I am talking about. Maybe it is just me and I am somewhat too verbose 🙂
Tonight I learned a valuable lesson about gossip.
I take my modeling very seriously and I take my tasks and competitions as well as castings very seriously. I also take my work placements very seriously too. It is hard when making friends to be free of chatting about things that happen and things that you see. I understand this and I am not going to say I am the most perfect person in the world as that would be unrealistic. All I do on SL is think about how I would like to be treated and treat others the same. The mantra has served me well in real life and I hope will still continue to serve me well in SL.

I was disappointed to learn that I was the part of some gossip that thankfully only went as far as two people. Whilst you need to let lots of things slide in SL as people can be well not mindful of others feelings I did get a bit disappointed about this particular instance. I have not mentioned names here as I do not wish to make more of it then needs to be and I don’t think mentioning names is really appropriate.

This particular person passed on some information to a friend about me that was incorrect and in fact could have caused me great upset. I am hoping she has only told one person this alleged information and hasn’t told others what she thought she knew. The fact of the matter when I had a polite word with her how she came by the info she wasnt in fact sure that it was I as the other party. I know I have been a bit vague here but the main reason for writing this and protecting people is that I want people to understand a few things.
1. People are real behind the avatars
2. What you say even when you dont really know can and will get back
3. That you dont win friends by talking about others.

I hope that the person I am talking about will take this advice on board. The lucky thing is that I try not to let others affect me and the support and love of the people I surround myself with is the things that I listen to most. The silly thing about this is that this person whilst probably trying to do good for another made the mistake of gossiping about someone else and had mistaken me for another. I hope she never has that happen to her !

a little sadder

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