Dancing, dancing, dancing the night away.

November 8, 2009 at 10:49 pm (Life of SL Model, Musings) (, , , )

Yes ok I am singing Leo Sayer right now. I know this is one of those moments I should be writing in my ten things no one knows about me! Well I just had to put this in today as I had such a lovely time last night that I forgot to blog before I went to bed. Can you believe it! I went out dancing with Shal. He is my SL well i guess you could say significant other. We usually enjoy quite a wide variety of activities on SL. No now now take your mind out of the gutter….. our favourite thing to do apart from hanging out at our lovely beach house is to go dancing or to go listen to live music. occasionally we can be found joining Tuna Oddfellow at the Ball. It is amazing for anyone that has never been please check it out in world. ( Oddfellow Studios, Research Center (134, 133, 651))

Tuna Oddfellow was selected by NBC as SL’s “most talented avatar” for his magic and special effects show, also known as Tuna Oddfellow’s Odd Ball.

Check out http://youtube.com/watch?v=3ukKCWRJudM for a story on his winning the America’s Got Talent competition in SL. Tuna appeared twice on AGT on NBC television in 2007.

Just a little about him and a total digression LOL. Honestly I can’t say more other then go and have a look it is too hard to explain! So last night we decided to go and have a dance together – it has been ages and we have missed spending time together lately. Really important to keep one’s self grounded. So we went off to a place that Shalako had found and it was lovely. Of course we go to all the usual places but this was nice and not too crowded or laggy – just perfect for quality time. Here is a little piccy.

I am thankful I have someone so lovely to support me 😉


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