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November 13, 2009 at 11:32 pm (Miss Refined International, MRI blogs) (, , , , , , , , , )

Well as part of the Miss Refined International contest we are meeting people that we might not have met till much later on in their life. Some of the people we meet in the paths we take can affect the way we are or how we deal with others in the future. I would say that it was nice being friends with Queen before we both went into MRI – I had already made the September cut and she was going for the October group. I had not realised she was in my group for when we tried out in September as I didn’t know her at that stage. We met much later on in one of the other agencies we both attend. I have mentioned Queen a few times but over the course of MRI its been nice to have someone else to discuss the challenges the pitfalls and the positive aspects of not only MRI but of modeling in general. We talk to each other about what we are working on, offer advice and ask advice. At times we are in Beningborough together and it is always nice to have someone you can bounce ideas off against chat to and generally talk about the things we go through in SL. I’d like to consider her as a great friend. I have also had the pleasure in meeting one or two of the others and trained with Saleena Hax but it has been with Queen I have made the greatest connection. Its nice to have some close friends of such a lovely nature 🙂


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