Thank god for small mercies.

November 13, 2009 at 11:17 pm (Life of SL Model, Musings) (, , , )


Ok this is a pretty mundane thing but I just was thinking – thank god for small mercies. As a model in SL we need to make sure we look our best and show off the clients clothes in the best possible light. Many models pay lots of money for lovely skins and have a small stash they will choose from in an effort to be malleable for a designer and their clothes or a shoot they may be doing. I was thinking if this was in RL it would be brilliant if we could take off a skin that might not suit and change to another. I am sitting at home after having a lovely birthday yesterday and a nice dinner with my RL partner last night. I do not know how and or why but it seems I have a lovely massive zit growing beneath the skin. Yes I said it! A zit….. The curse of all women the bane of our existence a zit. Now I never hear on SL complaints of such things. Where do you find a model crying into her decaffeinated herbal no flavour tea waved through water about how she has suddenly developed a huge country on her chin the size of China! LOL never I bet. So its thank god for small mercies that for all the things that models on SL complain about and yes there is quite a bit they do complain over – that they never have to worry about spots, zits or anything of that nature.
Behind the keyboard and screen of the RL world I can continue to look beautiful to the SL eye whilst in reality I am thinking how am I ever going to cover this sucker with enough make up that small children do not go screaming when they see me walk down the street. Aint life grand 🙂


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