Kicking back.

November 17, 2009 at 9:37 pm (Musings) (, , , )

Tonight Shal and I get to do something we rarely get time to do. Probably cause its my fault more than anything. We actually got invited to a beach party for Fashion Institute with the lovely people I have been studying with and those of whom I will be working in when I graduate with my Bachelors Degree in two classes time. It was nice to kick back and relax with people have a dance and a lot of laughs. That rarely happens these days as I seem to be so busy either modelling or doing practices, working at RMA- Rock Me Amadeus and or completing challenges and on the runway for House of Beningborough.
It has been a while since last Shal and I spent a long time doing anything other then modeling related work. We enjoyed the fun and laughter and had a little dance together again – a favourite past time of ours. He is such an excellent dancer too!!
Was nice to see Rumor, Colby, Talyia, Vel, Sparkie, Gem and Hershey as well as many others there. I have included a little piccy of our dances 🙂 Bliss to be spending time together :).




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