Casting punk style.

November 23, 2009 at 11:29 pm (Modeling world) (, , , , , , , )

Tonight I went off for a casting with FSC model agency. They are a fairly new agency and I was lucky to be accepted way back when they had their opening a few months ago. They also host a shop for clothes called Zeen. The two ladies that run the agency and the shop are Elyna Carver and Jennifer Felissimo. To very lovely people I have had the fortune to know.
We were give a skin and eyes and asked to style ourselves in a punk style for the casting. I was very nervous but did what I thought a punk was like. I didnt know till i googled the meaning that there were so many different types of punks. It was really interesting to find out what Wikipedia had to say.
Please excuse the above pictures but as anyone knows trying to take a pic listen to the instructions and model is soooo hard to do:)

2 Different styles
2.1 Standard punk
2.2 Hardcore
2.3 Anarcho-punk
2.4 Crust punk
2.5 Gothic rock, deathrock and horror punk
2.6 Psychobilly
2.7 Skate punk
2.8 Pop punk
2.9 Droog
2.10 Suicidals

I must say I wont copy all the information here but it was unbelievable all the different styles. I real enjoyed the styling and choose the following items

Skin : *NOIR* female skin
Eyes: *NOIR* eyes
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ SETH ~ CB V
Clothes :>>GothiCatz<< Dystopian
Shoes:BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent
Accessories: Gems and Kisses long drop earrings.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so lucky to make the cut with five other talented people including the girl you can see in front of me Kat.
Well done everyone a great casting.




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