Magpies with agencies.

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The thing I have noticed a lot of recently and probably more so since I have been in the industry is the amount of ‘new agencies’ opening up. After the demise of a certain particular agency that started me out on the way into the world of modeling due to none other than a disappearing act by its CEO I decided it was time to add another agency to my repertoire. It was a shame really as the agency itself was a great one and all those that worked for it in the time I was there were wonderful people in their own right. I will and shall always try and keep up to where these people have gone.
I have seen many models parade past me be it in castings or competitions or even working in store when they come to visit and buy. Lots of these avies have either a good collection no more then say four of well known good agencies that they work with. Or otherwise have a list as long as your arm of agencies I have never even heard of in the hope to glean at least one runway event every so often.
The question then begs.. Why? Why have so many agencies that the model can not stay true to one group. Nor can the agency obviously if they have that many people on the books. I do wonder how much of it is like collecting numbers and names without much thought going into it.
I decided it was time to branch out and find this new agency to add to my list. It was through a friend who I had a modeling contact with that suggested this particular agency and said that in light of the demise of my other one we as models would be accepted in to the fold.
I went down to the agencies location and decided to sign up using the application form. It was quite the waste of my time as it was only an application for new models but I thought well without the right people on line I shall fill it in anyway and see how it all goes. I made sure to mention my contact who was meant to be running the school there. This morning I popped on to Second life to have the following message given to me .

Hi Keeley, we received your application. It sounds like you have many courses already and are just really applying for a position as one of our models. We do not have advanced classes yet, but will be getting those probably somewhere along summer of next year. The usual sequence of things is first an interview just so we get a feel for ur personality, then if you find its for you and we find ur for us..u get a quick tour. Let me say up front that there is a fee of 300L, you ofcourse would not have to pay the 1500L. The reason for the fee is to first and foremost deter nonserious models(we try not to waste our time here) and second, the fee helps us to be able to put on shows twice a month and do some beautiful runway themes. please let me know your availability if you are still interested. Thank you for your application.

It was very polite but to be honest my response was quite curt. I will not pay to be in an agency if they feel that my work thus far has not been up to their standard then say so – but considering I have graduated one agency and one Institute of learning then I really do not see the point of ‘advanced classes’. Chances are I have already taken them. So at this stage I am going to politely decline as I do not feel that a proper agency would charge any of its models to enter as a deterrent to being time wasters. Heavens sakes if that were the case I wouldn’t be in modeling. I know it seems petty as the money is probably worth not all that much but it was the principal of the response. I am sure there are agencies out there that would be most happy to interview me see some of my pictures and see how things go. Should they then so desire that I am not working to full capacity they are quite within their rights to have me leave. So thank you but no thank you I shall not be parting with my money.!!

I am not sure if I am the only one that feels this but I was quite discussed at the attitude and although relatively new to the industry of only 4 months I felt that an agency that werent prepared to hire me on face value was probably not an agency I wanted to be involved in.

Rant over


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Modeling out of the box.

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Infinite casting - SpookyOn Tuesday night oh yes quite some time ago I hear you say 🙂 but I have been that flat out. The world of modeling is relentless but so enjoyable. I remember someone saying you have to be infront and before the time to be up with the best. On Tuesday I attended the Infinite FOCUS Inc casting for their new show they are hoping to produce called Spook Fest – using the designs from Bounce. I hope it all comes off as it sounds lots of fun. I went to the Sim where Bounce Designs are located and found out that they were designers that not only did some interesting styles of clothes but also mainly from what I saw catered for the Neko ,Gorean and Furry admirers. They have some cool items if you are into any of these areas. I did like the Gor clothes and possibly would look to go back should something come up along the lines related with that. So with that in mind I went along to my casting looking a little different from the norm.
I remembered back to something KaylenaMaria Destiny said to me when I attended a class of hers at the Fashion Institute. She said at times there will be situations where you have to make yourself go out of the box. She was of course talking about avant garde outfits and styling. But I applied her words of wisdom to my casting. A wise friend in the modeling world and a person I have a great regard for said to me when you go to a casting you need to remember that you need to stand out but in a good way. So to do something different but unique that is in keeping with what the casting is about be it syling a little different or by the way you present yourself. So on her advice I also made a styling notecard to give to the judges of the agency so that they knew I put alot of thought into my outfit and why I chose it.

Well I turned up and in my oufit looked very different from the other girls who came in some lovely clothes but looked as they would any normal casting – well made up with lovely clothes, hair, skin and jewelery but not different or unique. I was starting to feel a little doubtful but knew I had to carry it through. The announcer said don’t forget ladies this is a costume type of show. A few of the girls quickly changed to something more edgy but I had been working on this one for two days so felt more comfortable and breathed a sigh of relief. As I took my place on the stage to do my walk I got nervous as I always do but was very happy with the choices I had made. I walked to the end and showed some of my poses and then requested to the judges could I give them my styling card. They agreed !!

Needless to say this was the icing on the cake I managed to get the casting and also had heard through the grapevine that they were very impressed with not only my styling but the notecard I used. I am so glad I took the chance listened to the advice of other more experienced people and just went for it. I think for me this was going out of the norm as I am never overly pushy and it gave me a more confindent air they must have been looking for. Onwards and upwards to new things. I am looking forward to another casting where I can try again to do something small a little differently or with my own unique twist to stand out a little more from the crowd.


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~>@
PS Here was what i Wrote 🙂

When I heard the title of the casting was Spook Fest I was thoroughly excited a chance to do something a little different, a little outside the box. Then the next fantastic news was to find out that Bounce were the designers and that made me more excited knowing that they did gore and neko and other wonderful clothes 🙂

I am wearing Star Bright witch outfit by AliciaKay Kilara who makes costumes at A touch of Ireland.
It features an underskirt and flexiskirt that gives it a see through tulle skirt that flows and turns easily. The Star bright top has long sleeves with pearl buttons on the sleves and matching pearl shade spotted bias that runs up the front and back partings. It is finished with an intricate spiders web at the front and back in black ribbon.
I have teamed this with Black Bax Ankle Patent leather boots.
Skin by Skinsane in Lonely Halloween Skin
Jewellery – Gems and Kisses black drop earings and swallowtail Branch Necklace Black. and Loulou and Co braclets
Hair by Tukinowaguma Lairry ebony

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