Sometimes life gives you lemons….. make lemonade.

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I was thinking over what has been in the last week. First off finding out I didnt make it for the last week of Beningborough was a little bit of a blow but I am up against some pretty stiff competition. I must say the pictures were of a great calibre this week. If you havent seen them then go to to see the lovely finalists and from that there was the monthly winner Naiya Kazyanenko – so congratulations to her and her wonderful pictures ūüôā

The next blow was the disappearance of one Jason Grant – CEO of MPI Agency and also the main co-ordinator of the Miss Refined competition that myself and 24 other contestants were competing in. At first it was thought something serious has occurred to Mr Grant but sadly it seems like so many others on SL that his RL issues have taken over and he is no where to be seen or to be contacted. As such the competition exists no more and the agency has been removed. This was a great disappointment and shock to many of the girls and very upsetting for the MPI family as we have been torn apart as an agency. It was sad to see so many valuable members leave and have to find work else where.

Personally I was upset at the effort some of us had put into the contest only to have nothing to show for it. But on a good note I have enjoyed blogging and when I can will continue to do so as I find it very cathartic to do. I am afraid I will not be blogging in the same vigour as the competition denotes but will promise that you will have a few little tit bits so to speak from me a week ūüôā

So lots of bad with a little bit of good news there… I have been lucky to be cast in two up and coming shows and ill shamelessly promote them later on when I have full details. One is the Red Carpet event for Infinite Focus agency with lots of great designers. THe second has been postponed more for January but I am looking forward to it – FSC will be putting on a show with designer Detaleez and I am so excited that I am involved as it is a punk show ūüôā Look forward to hearing more about that. I think in an earlier post I showed you the skin and hair also an outfit I used to for the casting so you get the idea ūüôā

Finally the good news – I was made a model with SSMA – Sophisticated Secrets Modeling Agency through the work and studies I have done with Fashion Institute. I would like to thank Colby and Thalia for all the help they have given me and the many wonderful mentors and trainers at the institute. Also to Rumour Market the Dean of the institute for all her help in guiding me through my path. I am so thrilled to be working with them and hope to enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with the agency. Please go check them inworld they really do try to suit their courses to you ūüôā here is their web site also ūüôā
Well that brings me to present date of things I have been up to and on with and I hope that I can write a little more frequently to tell you more about what has been happening with me.

I do hope to also show you some pics I have had done through Anita Claven for the Anges Finney – My Precious Royal Princess. Here is a taster for you ūüôā


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@


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New things.

November 10, 2009 at 9:32 am (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , , )

Well thought it might be nice after a few days rest just catching up with what I have been doing… Life RL wise has been full on. Have been without work for a few months – and I hear you all going awwwwww. It ok cause there is good bits and bad bits. Firstly it was wild to have more holidays then I can poke a stick at. Although after the school holidays were done and everyone was going back I felt a little sad for all of five seconds. Then a few weeks later reality set in and I realised 1. Money doesn’t grow on trees – damn it. 2. I will have to start getting work – not that I have not tried before! So after all those thoughts I finally knuckled down and signed with two agencies and awaited my CRB. And I waited ….. And I waited…. And I waited……. About one and half months later I finally was able to start working and ever since that day I have not stopped with being called in for jobs. Let alone this week I have done five days worth of work. So RL was kicking in and then we had a step up in SL. I had lots of time to do at the two shops I model in – Rock Me Amadeus – which is my regular store and a totally wicked place to go. I have also lately as I mentioned in previous posts been modeling in House of Beningborough for their competition and I love that as I get to be on runway with my friends Queenbrat , Elyna and Kat. It is nice when we get to chat but Sunday was a total nightmare as everything was discounted ūüôā At the same time it was fun to see what happens on a madhouse day ūüôā
Well with all the challenge things to do , my hours to work, preparing pictures for a few competitions and trying to spend time with Shal just about burnt myself out. But as always we managed to find time and I manage to get everything done RL and SL.

Here is a picky of my latest for HOB


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Le Charme Le bella

November 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , )

Le Charme¬†Le Charme¬†Fashion ‘synonymous with high style and classic elegance and refined. The designers¬†create clothes, necklaces, earrings, belts and precious finery.¬† A fascinating¬† journey started from 15th September’09¬†is¬†what Ramona Planer and Mirtha¬†Marjeta¬†have undertaken.¬† Tonight I walked in the Second selection semifinals for Le Charm TOP MODEL.¬† It was a wonderful event held at the sim ***Sunset Stars***, Water (151, 174, 21) and hosted by Jenisha¬†Kelbery¬†in Italian and English. I think the funniest part for the models is that everything is heated¬†and people are not so sure what is going on, as it’s in Italian, but the organisers do a great job at running up and down the length of the runway near the seats to make sure people are cued¬†and things happen as they should – the¬† DVC¬†chat is very funny and although a few tense moments generally everyone is enjoying their fifteen seconds in the limelight as they take that pulse racing walk down the runway and back.

The evening was filled with an appreciative crowd who were wowed by seven models wearing the marvelous Le Charme creations.  Each styled so individually from each other.  We had a wonderful panel of hosts who perused our styling, our presence and the way that we walked on the runway.  After much deliberation and many beautiful girls to look at a decision was finally made that the following ladies were to make it through to the next round of the event.

I would like to wish the following models and aspiring models all the best and congratulations as we move to the next round together.

1) amyjade Wirefly
2) Keeley Cooperstone
3) Nakia Decosta
3b)  Tarajane Darwin                              
4)Arisia Ashmoot
5)13 Cortes

They were all lovely and really put so much effort into their styling and design.¬† It is going to be¬†a very hard competition and I can see I will really need to step up my game to do better¬†to be the best I can be for the semi final show ūüôā

I am very pleased to also be walking in the semifinals against my good Second Life friend Eden Freese.¬† She won the first round selection with impeccable style and supported me amazingly through my round.¬† Without her maybe I would not have realised this little gem…… right before my walk!!!¬†

A Leglace......

Needless to say that Emerald Viewer isnt all I thought it had cracked up to never trust when it says wear on Chest 2 that what you see in your screen is the same as what everyone else sees.¬†¬† Thank you so much Eden for saving my skin ūüôā¬†¬†¬† No matter the outcome of the next few stages I would be honored to be in them with her or even supporting her through those events.¬†

Thank you


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Just another day…

November 4, 2009 at 4:01 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , , )

Well today has been mainly about being a Runway Model in store for House of Beningborough РI was lucky enough to enter my pictures in a Beningborough designed outfit for Week 1 of November and now have the chance if my work is good enough through pictorial form and through my in store modeling to be chosen for Model of the Month.  The prizes are amazing but above and beyond that it is also the chance to model in one of my, no I must say it the  most favourite store of mine in SL.  Here are the pics I put in for the first week entry. These were the ones or one of the ones that afforded me the placement in her model team for Week 1 and I am on tenterhooks about if I have made it for Week 2. 

Keeley Cooperstone - 1

Later today I am on a hair mission so will be visiting a plethora of stores in search for any new interesting and never seen before hair – MMh¬†I wonder if that is possible at all… If you happen to see some great hair and think I should check it out contact me in world or leave me a little message right here ūüôā


Keeley ~~~~~~~>@

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Contest, competitions and all that malarky.

November 3, 2009 at 10:47 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model) (, , , , , , , )

Well today myself and Queenbrat¬†were talking about the pitfalls and the good parts about the modeling world.¬† This sounds like this is going to be ¬†negative and I don’t think I¬†mean it¬†to be¬†ūüôā¬†¬† I guess someone starting to think about the SL world of modeling should know is you need to learn to have very hard-wearing¬†skin.¬† What do I mean by this – well not that you need a great skin by Laq¬†or Redgrave or places like that – of course that is essential- but as a living breathing person behind the avi who is try ing to get into the modeling business you need to have thick skin to take the good with the bad, the knocks with the good parts as well.¬†¬† It was fantastic as a newly qualified or not even newly qualified model from MPI –¬†– ModelPages¬†International to be¬†selected in September for the Miss Refined contest and to walk the catwalk in front¬†of the judges.¬† I was, I must admit, quaking in my boots at the thought of walking out on stage and keeping my straight line as well as pose for the judges at the end.¬† It seemed like forever that Jason held off from saying thank you and that was my cue to return to the backstage.¬† I wasnt sure to thank the judges to smile and curtsey or to do exactly what I did and keep my straight line going and hope like heavens sake there was no lag!!! Finally behind the curtain and I collapsed on my computer -spent!¬† The casting was a nerve-wracking¬†but also very interesting experience and one that I will never forget in an instance.¬† Only one experience of walking before and then straight into such a full on situation.¬†

It was interesting¬†that others that were cast on that day were not able at that stage to make it through to the next round and one person I spoke to was so disappointed but as I learnt much later on the hard way what that disappointment felt like with another contest which I had entered¬†two pictures of myself that I did and thought were quite good – ohhh¬†how wrong I was!!¬† So thus began my hard skin test where I learnt that to make it in the business I have to have some tough skin and take all the good things with the bad things.¬† Queen and I agreed that you just can’t work out what people are looking for in contests or competitions and that all you can do is try your best and enter with all the best intentions as we go through our learning curve.

Back to the photography studio with a smile on my face and a will in my heart ūüôā


My pics I took for first time ūüôā

One of the pics for entry to the comp I didnt do so well in :)

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Don’t I wish I spoke many languages.

November 3, 2009 at 1:09 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , )

Well there has never been a time in my life when I wished I had remembered my highschool education in Italian.  Not to mention that I wished at the tender age of 12 had I thought to myself Рwow I think I should learn languages as I will never know when I may be at a SL modeling competition which is held all in ITALIAN for a mainly english and or french competitors. 

I went to the first selection¬†or Prima Selezione¬†of the models in the first round selections for Le Charme¬†Fashion Model as selected by the designers Mirtha¬†Marjeta¬†& Ramona Planer.¬†¬†It was with MPI –¬†that I saw¬†the information about the competition on their¬†WordPress site¬†¬† .

It was a lovely room where the runway had been set on a huge red platform with lights and plush surroundings. The event was located on the SL sim of   The walls adorned with pictures of RL runway scenes and of the designers clothes and a giant face of the co-owner  Milla Rasmuson  plastered at either end of the runway. This lovely creature obviously a model either in the current SL life or former SL life and now branching out to things further afield.  There was much excitement and confusion in the air.  

The models attending had arrived although again confusion about the official kick off time.¬† A loud male voice was talking excitedly with¬†the¬†staccato fire of a rapid machine gun.¬† Later I was to learn that this gentleman was the announcer for the show.¬† With no warning other than¬†some Italian I was struggling to understand we were underway for the show.¬† Now you might be asking ‘Why would I want to be¬†at a show where the language is a barrier for me?’ ¬†and in the audience watching when I can not really understand what is happening.¬† I asked myself the same question.¬† The answer is a complicated affaire.¬† Firstly and foremost I have entered into this competition to model and display the amazing clothes.¬†So, I went with¬†SL life partner in tow to see how the runway looked to get a feel for what¬†the competition was all about and to see what¬†we might¬†have to do when it comes to my turn on Thursday.¬† I am glad I went though as I have a feeling I would have been totally lost not understanding a word of what is being said. Secondly I have been chosen¬†for the second round of selections¬† – ahhh¬†i hear you say as it dawns on you.¬† Yes I was there to look at the lovely ladies that I will be competing¬†against and I defy any model who has been in a competition to say they have not done that before time!! But the last and most important reason I went – in the notices we got I saw that a new friend of mine in SL through some of my modeling jobs – Eden Freese¬†was going to be competing so I wanted to lend my support as she had done for me with another show I had been in.¬† She is a lovely lady a great designer in her own rights and a damn good laugh!¬†¬†

From what she was saying she was as lost as I with the translations.  But this beauty managed to sashay her way down the runway and back stopping at the appropriate points with class and style and come first place in the judges eyes for the show.  Very impressive indeed for someone who had the same linguistic aptitude as I!! So my faith renewed I feel much happier about attending on November 5th.

It is times like this that I do start to realise how much my RL and my SL can come into play.¬† All those avi’s¬†that state as part of their second life blurb or first life blurb that SL and RL never meet I challenge you to find that true in all aspects.¬† As a living breathing person behind an avi the two can not but touch on each other at some stage ūüôā

Signing off for now

Keeley ~~~~~~@

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Blonde days.. brunette days.. Mr Tom Cruise is that you?

November 2, 2009 at 6:50 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model) (, , , , , , , )

Well the first of our tasks came swiftly to me by way of message in SL today. 

To get you in the mood see ;P  Mission Impossible Theme tune remember to back space here after !

It was a bit Mission Impossible to say the least.  The note burst onto my screen I expected Tom Cruise to commando roll through the living room across the floor and land in front of the ironing board.

~~~~~~Hey Ladies,

(Should you choose to accept it!)

Please find attached the instructions for MRI Challenge #1

 due Sunday 11/08.

Good Luck!

I could just hear a voice in my head trailing off…… this message will self destruct if not closed within ten seconds.¬† Lightening quick¬†I furiously click my OK button not wanting to blast my laptop off¬† into space or have my hot chocolate¬†ricochet¬†across the room and thus giving me yet another household chore to do!¬† Phew! Just in time I thought…. and then it suddenly dawned on me mmh¬†what was this document ?¬† What did it say? Would I remember what¬†I had to do?? ¬†Was there an attachment?¬† Nooooo¬†WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!…¬†¬†Have you ever had one of those days regardless¬†of what hair colour you are regardless of what hair colour the bottle says you will be, you just feel like you are having a blonde day!¬† Tom Cruise aside -drool-¬† I realise I have closed the note and I have not found out what this all important mission was…. will the world be doomed … will my running in Miss Refined International be threatened… will I never see my 10, 000 items in my inventory again.. what was going to happen ????¬†

In all seriousness ūüôā No matter how much I play at Mission Impossible and wish Tom would come waltzing into my lounge to save me from the day at hand and not that Jason doesnt do a great impression in his¬† note card!! – (The blog platform must be WordPress or you will fail this challenge)…..¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I am so thrilled our challenges have started and look forward to the next few days telling you all about my lead up to the next exciting round of Miss Refined International.¬†

Should you choose to accept this mission.. I dare you to read all my blogs and I dare you to check me out as I run, no stumble er, I mean graciously glide with an air of sophistication  and finesse to the next challenge that we may be set.  Want to know more?? Hanging on the edge of your seat!! Stay tuned.  Oh and for a sneaky peak at lots of cool things I get to experience every day with MPI why not check their page at

¬†TTYL¬† ūüôā

 Tom is that you_004

Tom is that you?

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