Creating a new me.

December 12, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , )

Whilst creating some looks to put together for a photo shoot I have lined up in January I decided I needed a new me.

It is great trying out all the skins on Second Life but at some stage you end up looking just like everyone else. So in an attempt to evolve as a model I wanted to look more unique. I remember a talk I went to with the famous model Wicca Merlin and she said to be one of the best you need to be unique. She really stressed about finding something of your own to make you the most unique you can be to stand out from the crowd.

So with that in mind I was told by a friend I must check out The Body Politik and Kin located at So off I ran as soon as I got a moment free. Walking into the store looks just like every other skin, shape, hair, clothes and accessory store until it is that I stumbled upon the display that made me smile. The display said ‘ Create the exact look you want, billions of different combinations’
EUREKA – Just what I have been searching for. The Body Politik has designed a range called Infinity Skins that allows you to design your own skin using a few powerful swift moves of the mouse and a few rapid clicks of the buttons.

The board takes you to their own site www. where you can work inworld or out of world to create skin for you. The best part is that there are so many different combinations that the chances of you choosing the same as someone else will be quite rare.

On the web site I was able to choose the skin tone I desired, the shade of lipstick that I wanted for my skin and the eye shadow that I desired. As I did this the model on the right hand side of the base skin changes showing the over all look. Next I decided to change other elements of my body from skin shading to eyebrows and freckles and a few unmentionables you will just have to see !

Rather then spoil all the fun take a look at the end result. Rather nice having something very unique.

I chose just for this skin from Amber Skin colour , Charcoal eye shadow, Bouquet lips, Blush No 5 and Dark Brown eyebrow colour.

I am wearing :
Outfit: Aurora dress by Champagne Designs
Shoes: 24’s Wow! No 18 Platinum by 24 Shoo-Shoes
Hair: Antoinette – Biscotti by Hairy Situations
Eyes: Rita Eyes -Blue Green by Curio
Eyelashes: MoulinRouge by Redgrave
Jewelery :Dahlinks Ice Princess Bracelet – Diamond, Stacked silver Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings – Cristallo by Twinkleberry

Happy creating everyone.



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Musings of a model.

November 26, 2009 at 8:11 pm (Modeling world) (, , , , )

This weekend is really a good time for me to catch up on things. I know once I get home from work on Friday that I need to start getting orgainsed for the week ahead. I have quite a few shows and some fashion shoots coming up. Some of the many things a model must do.

1. Organise Inventory – very important because you need to know at all time where things are.

2. Make sure the huds you are using for shows have the most appropriate poses for the outfit and show you are presenting.

3. Make sure the clothes that I am wearing for shows are in files with all accessories including hair, skin, jewelery, eyelashes, shoes, the works.

4. Have the files located easily for the show with notices and running orders.

5. Sort some folders with all items needed for photo shoot.

6. Check for prims and adjustments just before shows or shoots.

This is just to name a few things to do. I am sure the list will grow as I go ūüôā



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Casting punk style.

November 23, 2009 at 11:29 pm (Modeling world) (, , , , , , , )

Tonight I went off for a casting with FSC model agency. They are a fairly new agency and I was lucky to be accepted way back when they had their opening a few months ago. They also host a shop for clothes called Zeen. The two ladies that run the agency and the shop are Elyna Carver and Jennifer Felissimo. To very lovely people I have had the fortune to know.
We were give a skin and eyes and asked to style ourselves in a punk style for the casting. I was very nervous but did what I thought a punk was like. I didnt know till i googled the meaning that there were so many different types of punks. It was really interesting to find out what Wikipedia had to say.
Please excuse the above pictures but as anyone knows trying to take a pic listen to the instructions and model is soooo hard to do:)

2 Different styles
2.1 Standard punk
2.2 Hardcore
2.3 Anarcho-punk
2.4 Crust punk
2.5 Gothic rock, deathrock and horror punk
2.6 Psychobilly
2.7 Skate punk
2.8 Pop punk
2.9 Droog
2.10 Suicidals

I must say I wont copy all the information here but it was unbelievable all the different styles. I real enjoyed the styling and choose the following items

Skin : *NOIR* female skin
Eyes: *NOIR* eyes
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ SETH ~ CB V
Clothes :>>GothiCatz<< Dystopian
Shoes:BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent
Accessories: Gems and Kisses long drop earrings.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so lucky to make the cut with five other talented people including the girl you can see in front of me Kat.
Well done everyone a great casting.



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Say cheese.

November 19, 2009 at 9:34 pm (Modeling world) (, , , , , )

LOL well as the title suggest its not about the well loved dairy product but rather about a class I attended in SL on the Ins & Outs of Photoshoots and was taken by Anabella Ravinelli. I have talked about the Fashion Institute a little and although my fantastic grounding as a model was done at ModelPages International, which I will be ever so grateful for. I feel that they are my first true family of models in Second Life but Fashion Institute is where I have been further developing my studies. I am only a lesson or two away from graduating with a bachelors there. So decided to attend the photography one to see if there was anything else I could learn to make shoots more professional. It was great luckily for me I was the only class member that night ūüôā so got some specialist treatment. The class was mainly focusing on these areas….

This class will cover how to be professional and easy for the photographer to work with, as well as poses and preparation. Class will consist of both lecture and hands-on practice.

It was funny when we did go up and try some hands on practice ūüôā
We arrived in a fake photo shoot room. Anabella played the part of a model and I was to play the part of the photographer and we acted out a photo shoot. It was interesting as she started chatting to me in local chat and after everything said to me prior being I love to talk for England I totally forgot that its more appropriate in IM for a photo shoot !! Well it was certainly strange being the other one behind the camera and it did make me appreciate how difficult it would be taking a photograph and then having a model twittering on or not paying attention. So I guess the main thing that I learned from this class is make sure you pay lots of attention and that you don’t interrupt the photographer whilst they are working unless its to clarify something. Keep chat to a minimum! Something to learn to take on with me into the future.


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Ack I ran out of Lindens!

November 14, 2009 at 8:57 pm (Life of SL Model, Modeling world, Musings) (, , , , , , )

Have you ever had one of those days when you have a hundred new hairs to buy and three outfits to style and just need the perfect jewels to go with one of them and realise your out of Lindens. I know silly isn’t it you go along clicking on this and clicking on that thinking its all going to be ok and before you have blinked twice its all gone. Do not be fooled into thinking that as a starting out model you can make money in SL. It costs to keep up with the latest fashions and with having new photos done to be ahead of the game. It cost to have the billion skins the hundreds of hair they thousands of must have outfits and don’t even mention the shoes and accessories as well as the jewelery. I think in the last two months I have tripled my inventory no i dare say quadrupled it!!! Each day I come on I am sure it grows I remember hitting 10,000 a week ago and now its at a robust 11,550 so that means I need to start some more culling and also some more sorting. I need to sort the blonds and the brunettes, the earings from the necklaces and the pumps from the stilettos ūüôā It will be a totally huge task so I am going to dedicate a day to sorting. The only question now is when will I find the day:) What with full time teaching at the moment and also doing all the competitions and the castings I am up to the eyeballs in SL and RL work.
Now I can hear some models out there that have been in the business a lot longer then me say pish thats nothing you should see my inventory !! I remember not long ago having some inventory envy of a top model I happen to be chatting to in a well known hair shop. She warned me then and I still hear it ringing in my ears that she has two inventories ūüôā One for everyday one for modeling and I remember a foolish new to modeling girl thinking.. Huh why on earth would she need that! … Now I know. She was a wise master but the new Jedi could not see her path yet!! Well until I sort mine! I have said no more buying for you Miss Keeley Cooperstone. Eek what to do….

Sorting through my files…

Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Be aware Be informed!

November 12, 2009 at 8:32 pm (Miss Refined International, Modeling world, MRI blogs) (, , , , , )

Well as part of a life of a model in RL or in SL and part of being in Miss Refined I have learnt that it always good to be informed.

I think its important to keep up to date. This is where making time to read comes in. I find at times it hard to keep on top of a lot of things when my RL starts to kick in a little more. But tonight I made time to read some more of the MPI blog on and more importantly they have been recently writing about creating impressions and the must have things in your wardrobe. The latest information posted on 12/11 was about getting an impressive portfolio. I have had one portfolio done at this stage and I am in the process of thinking about getting another done. In my classes at Fashion Institute I have been thinking about what was said about the types of looks its important to have. This article on MPI’s site further develops the idea that there are a few things every model should have. Yes we want to look original and have an interesting character but at the same time when presenting a portfolio it is also important to remember to have a variety of styles. Which is hard to capture in a twenty page book.

You have to make a statement with your wardrobe. The clothes you choose must create a character

LOL at times I wonder if I should create some totally out there characters or looks and I did do that recently with two activities I was involved in – one a casting that I did for Infinite Focus for Spooky Fest and another was for an avant garde picture that we did for FI – Fashion Institute class. Well needless to say I was trying to create that new character look and when thinking about it much later down the track it makes me think how much I have changed my views and my stable steady sense of style and tried to develop myself more. I guess you could say I was living the Miss Refined ideal and I didnt even know it!


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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New things.

November 10, 2009 at 9:32 am (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , , )

Well thought it might be nice after a few days rest just catching up with what I have been doing… Life RL wise has been full on. Have been without work for a few months – and I hear you all going awwwwww. It ok cause there is good bits and bad bits. Firstly it was wild to have more holidays then I can poke a stick at. Although after the school holidays were done and everyone was going back I felt a little sad for all of five seconds. Then a few weeks later reality set in and I realised 1. Money doesn’t grow on trees – damn it. 2. I will have to start getting work – not that I have not tried before! So after all those thoughts I finally knuckled down and signed with two agencies and awaited my CRB. And I waited ….. And I waited…. And I waited……. About one and half months later I finally was able to start working and ever since that day I have not stopped with being called in for jobs. Let alone this week I have done five days worth of work. So RL was kicking in and then we had a step up in SL. I had lots of time to do at the two shops I model in – Rock Me Amadeus – which is my regular store and a totally wicked place to go. I have also lately as I mentioned in previous posts been modeling in House of Beningborough for their competition and I love that as I get to be on runway with my friends Queenbrat , Elyna and Kat. It is nice when we get to chat but Sunday was a total nightmare as everything was discounted ūüôā At the same time it was fun to see what happens on a madhouse day ūüôā
Well with all the challenge things to do , my hours to work, preparing pictures for a few competitions and trying to spend time with Shal just about burnt myself out. But as always we managed to find time and I manage to get everything done RL and SL.

Here is a picky of my latest for HOB


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Gossip girl…

November 7, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Life of SL Model, Modeling world, Musings)

Well tonights blog I hope will be much shorter. It seems every time I write I tend to put so much in but I feel that without setting the scene how is it that you can understand what it is I am talking about. Maybe it is just me and I am somewhat too verbose ūüôā
Tonight I learned a valuable lesson about gossip.
I take my modeling very seriously and I take my tasks and competitions as well as castings very seriously. I also take my work placements very seriously too. It is hard when making friends to be free of chatting about things that happen and things that you see. I understand this and I am not going to say I am the most perfect person in the world as that would be unrealistic. All I do on SL is think about how I would like to be treated and treat others the same. The mantra has served me well in real life and I hope will still continue to serve me well in SL.

I was disappointed to learn that I was the part of some gossip that thankfully only went as far as two people. Whilst you need to let lots of things slide in SL as people can be well not mindful of others feelings I did get a bit disappointed about this particular instance. I have not mentioned names here as I do not wish to make more of it then needs to be and I don’t think mentioning names is really appropriate.

This particular person passed on some information to a friend about me that was incorrect and in fact could have caused me great upset. I am hoping she has only told one person this alleged information and hasn’t told others what she thought she knew. The fact of the matter when I had a polite word with her how she came by the info she wasnt in fact sure that it was I as the other party. I know I have been a bit vague here but the main reason for writing this and protecting people is that I want people to understand a few things.
1. People are real behind the avatars
2. What you say even when you dont really know can and will get back
3. That you dont win friends by talking about others.

I hope that the person I am talking about will take this advice on board. The lucky thing is that I try not to let others affect me and the support and love of the people I surround myself with is the things that I listen to most. The silly thing about this is that this person whilst probably trying to do good for another made the mistake of gossiping about someone else and had mistaken me for another. I hope she never has that happen to her !

a little sadder

Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Le Charme Le bella

November 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , )

Le Charme¬†Le Charme¬†Fashion ‘synonymous with high style and classic elegance and refined. The designers¬†create clothes, necklaces, earrings, belts and precious finery.¬† A fascinating¬† journey started from 15th September’09¬†is¬†what Ramona Planer and Mirtha¬†Marjeta¬†have undertaken.¬† Tonight I walked in the Second selection semifinals for Le Charm TOP MODEL.¬† It was a wonderful event held at the sim ***Sunset Stars***, Water (151, 174, 21) and hosted by Jenisha¬†Kelbery¬†in Italian and English. I think the funniest part for the models is that everything is heated¬†and people are not so sure what is going on, as it’s in Italian, but the organisers do a great job at running up and down the length of the runway near the seats to make sure people are cued¬†and things happen as they should – the¬† DVC¬†chat is very funny and although a few tense moments generally everyone is enjoying their fifteen seconds in the limelight as they take that pulse racing walk down the runway and back.

The evening was filled with an appreciative crowd who were wowed by seven models wearing the marvelous Le Charme creations.  Each styled so individually from each other.  We had a wonderful panel of hosts who perused our styling, our presence and the way that we walked on the runway.  After much deliberation and many beautiful girls to look at a decision was finally made that the following ladies were to make it through to the next round of the event.

I would like to wish the following models and aspiring models all the best and congratulations as we move to the next round together.

1) amyjade Wirefly
2) Keeley Cooperstone
3) Nakia Decosta
3b)  Tarajane Darwin                              
4)Arisia Ashmoot
5)13 Cortes

They were all lovely and really put so much effort into their styling and design.¬† It is going to be¬†a very hard competition and I can see I will really need to step up my game to do better¬†to be the best I can be for the semi final show ūüôā

I am very pleased to also be walking in the semifinals against my good Second Life friend Eden Freese.¬† She won the first round selection with impeccable style and supported me amazingly through my round.¬† Without her maybe I would not have realised this little gem…… right before my walk!!!¬†

A Leglace......

Needless to say that Emerald Viewer isnt all I thought it had cracked up to never trust when it says wear on Chest 2 that what you see in your screen is the same as what everyone else sees.¬†¬† Thank you so much Eden for saving my skin ūüôā¬†¬†¬† No matter the outcome of the next few stages I would be honored to be in them with her or even supporting her through those events.¬†

Thank you


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Just another day…

November 4, 2009 at 4:01 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , , )

Well today has been mainly about being a Runway Model in store for House of Beningborough РI was lucky enough to enter my pictures in a Beningborough designed outfit for Week 1 of November and now have the chance if my work is good enough through pictorial form and through my in store modeling to be chosen for Model of the Month.  The prizes are amazing but above and beyond that it is also the chance to model in one of my, no I must say it the  most favourite store of mine in SL.  Here are the pics I put in for the first week entry. These were the ones or one of the ones that afforded me the placement in her model team for Week 1 and I am on tenterhooks about if I have made it for Week 2. 

Keeley Cooperstone - 1

Later today I am on a hair mission so will be visiting a plethora of stores in search for any new interesting and never seen before hair – MMh¬†I wonder if that is possible at all… If you happen to see some great hair and think I should check it out contact me in world or leave me a little message right here ūüôā


Keeley ~~~~~~~>@

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