Lag Lag everywhere! Part 2

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Second in a three part series

Last time I discussed the issues with lag realted to the avatar we looked at Gwyneth Llewelyns article at to gain a clear understanding of lag and all that is involved. One of the previous mentioned areas that causees lag is the draw on servers by having lots of people in one particular area and this really did make me think not only about shows that models, fashion agencies and designers are involved in but also the shops and sims that these things occur on. Gywneth goes on in her article to make some excellent points about this matter.

What do shop/sim designers need to do?
Well basically to avoid open space! If there is a draw distance of over 256m then the interest list for the avatar will cover the whole sim and with the creation of advanced graphic cards this is usually the default setting they are on. This can however be changed by the user as this adds to the huge jump in content transfers and lags the sim alot. Simply put the designers should build no open spaces rather large rooms with partitions so that people may still move around. They can artificially enhance the optimisation mechanisms built in SL and if none of the rooms are bigger than 64m and you request people to have their draw distance down people might move relatively lag free. Another useful method is to have multiple landing points in a shop that way not all avatars will be in the one area and only a handful of avatars are in plain sight of each other allowing an SL client to only rezz the avatars it needs to display. Gwyneth goes on to make mention of some optical effects and signage to help shops rezz faster. Also to suggest that they prevent avatars from flying as many of these tips and helps are null and void if an avatar has to fly to see the items. So shop keepers must make things accessible to avatars at an easy to see level.

Now one I know you all worry about…Does good hair really make us lag?
Since the introduction of Avatar Rendering Costs – yes I know you ladies and gents know about it in the modeling world! It has become apparent to some that hair jumps the numbers up quite a bit. See my before and after picture here for that one! One day experimenting on myself I saw that the hair I was wearing jumped the ARC up by nearly 1000. So shocking when we all love to find the perfect hair to go with out outfits. The better it looks the more costly to your ARC it might be. Strangely enough though this is another one of those myths. A higher ARC however according to the boffins does not create sim lag! This also can be applied to shoes – basically a prim is a prim if it’s on your head or the ground or in the designs of a building. The more there are the longer it takes to load. Usually in the case of hair its one of the first things that does download.

Lastly I want to relay Gwyneth’s discussion on the differences between sim lag and client lag. We have talked alot about sim lag so far. Gwyneth states that Sim lag is what happens on SL grid and affects every person on the same sim. Client lag is what you experience on your own computer. She mentions that computers or laptops particularly on WiFi lag more then a desktop computer worth half the price with a wired connection. Wireless and WiFi connections are susceptible to loosing packets and having information re transmitted. Laptops overheat quickly and have to start slowing things down and the CPU and graphics cards are the first to go! She goes on to talk about unconfigured computers to affect the client performance especially when discussing the performance of Vista on a CPU. Not being so technically minded myself this might require someone who knows what they are doing to adjust and change the settings to get the optimum performance. SL tries to guess this with knowing what computer you use and adjusting the settings so for that but according to Gwyneth they do get it generally wrong. Generally she says is all client lag caused by improper configuration and the answer is generally yes. Apart from that a good quality graphics card is what helps to minimise the client lag. The interesting part even if you can afford this state of the art item with a sim of 50 to a 100 avatars one will always get lag as there are no graphics cards powerful enough to deal with it.

Yes I know I said last! But there was one more important bit of information. There is one thing that will lag everybody on the sim not only for the reasons mentioned above. To put it simply it is time. The more avatars that enter a sim the more the time it takes for refreshing of data for smooth performance. The goal is to render all those polygons around you 25 times in a second. The article suggests ways of using the View Statistics window to see how this works but I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much technical stuff. It is worth a read however. The important information is that if lots of avatars arrive at the same time requesting textures as they start rezzing the time dilation or delay increases for that aspect and thus other things start to slow down causing things to not occur in real time. What does this mean for us as models? Possibly some of the suggestions would be to ask the creator of the sim to have less open space and limit the textures used in the sim. To ask people to come to an event and have them be there prior to the start so that real time might actually catch up. Maybe even to limit the number of people attending an event by putting on a few shows people can go to. The lag generally happens when there are avatars that are sitting at events for long periods of times say over an hour. So making the shows quicker and less populated might be the answer. Have you ever noticed how things speed up to real time much easier towards the end of a show when avatars start to leave?

The reality is we can not really do much to cut down lag we can slightly affect it but in essence the sorts of things we are doing are pretty much happening independently of what we attach to ourselves or what we are wearing. No matter how much we turn off take off or lower down the one true answer and not the desired choice is to get rid of the avatars!

My next part in this series will concentrate on the little you can do to help with your own client lag – so stay tuned to see what we can all do be it small or relatively minuscule to help with your own lag.

Stay lag free


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Lag Lag everywhere!

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First in a three part series.

Recently I was given a link to an article about the dreaded Lag Monster all SL people have to endure. Gasp I hear you say – well to be honest some people just bang it down to the fact there are too many people on line and others to day that SL is having a ‘bad day’.

As models and fashionistas we are forever having to deal with the issue of lag not only in going about our daily lives in trying to race from store to store to buy that important outfit, hair, or set of killer shoes. But also deal with it during shows and events which require us to be at our best. Other areas of fashion are dealt a horrible blow when lag kicks in on their sim if they are designers and trying to upload things or make modifications to designs that won’t save. This is also most important for shop owners and running vendor scripts with delivery of items and for all where money is concerned.

The interesting thing this article discusses is some of the myths people have about Lag. For those of you that don’t have time to read the full article at I will summarise it for you!

Basically one massive cause or even way that lag occurs isn’t just the draw on the servers created by lots of people in one particular area but in fact also your SL client application. It as Gwyneth Llewelyn so beautifully puts it ‘takes two to tango’. Each of these things has its own limitations and when they are pushed to the edge is when things start to go wrong. She goes on to say compared with times of old on SL where the servers and the clients found it hard to handle more then one aspect at a time even though a variety of things such as sending each avatar prim data and textures, tracking down on the sim where your avatar was and handling physics just to mention a few were needed to be done. In those days the only way to deal with lag was to make avatars as simple as possible. Shock – yes ladies that means sorting out that hair, getting rid of attachments and making sure the location was as simple as possible with cubes and blank textures. Could you imagine!

I took a picture for my personal blog of me attaching all my hair heavens know if i ever went for a SL walk about so to speak if I would be spiking the draw on the sims all over SL! See below.

Thank goodness now days things are much more different. Firstly on the side of the server things are being done in parallel and scripts will now only run when all else has been done. Hence why your AO, Hud or Chim might run a little slower at crowded events! Turning of AOs or entering ‘sleep mode’ on MystiTools or detaching everything with a script will really have no effect now to the lag of the sim all it will do is make scripted attachments run very very slow or not at all.

Gwyneth goes on to talk about the myths associated with lag and the etiquette that was associated in the old days with making Sims lag free. She does stress however that they made sense in the past but however don’t really apply to today. Turning off AO’s will not reduce lag – although many people still think they will. So she is suggesting if people still request this in politeness and SL etiquette it might be nice to do without the AO for a few hours even if it is only to make the requests by the host feel listened to.

What we as avatars need to do?
The cold hard facts are the following – the more prims a sim has on it the more textures our SL clients have to download which means it takes longer to rezz now days however the SL clients do have the ability to download what it basically needs and not to include every last little texture unseen. On the sim site basically the same happens it keeps a little list of what your avatar wants and needs based on the Draw distance you have on your SL client. The lower it is the smaller the interest list. Basically it means the lower you have it the less you are requesting and sending to and from the SL client and the sim.

Well now that I have totally made your brains hurt ! I will say that the next part concentrates on Sims and Shops for lag as well as looking at client lag which more realates to how you can help your lag. Lastly the third in the series will be lots of helpful hints on how to reduce your client lag.

May the power of lag be with you!

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Musings of a model.

November 26, 2009 at 8:11 pm (Modeling world) (, , , , )

This weekend is really a good time for me to catch up on things. I know once I get home from work on Friday that I need to start getting orgainsed for the week ahead. I have quite a few shows and some fashion shoots coming up. Some of the many things a model must do.

1. Organise Inventory – very important because you need to know at all time where things are.

2. Make sure the huds you are using for shows have the most appropriate poses for the outfit and show you are presenting.

3. Make sure the clothes that I am wearing for shows are in files with all accessories including hair, skin, jewelery, eyelashes, shoes, the works.

4. Have the files located easily for the show with notices and running orders.

5. Sort some folders with all items needed for photo shoot.

6. Check for prims and adjustments just before shows or shoots.

This is just to name a few things to do. I am sure the list will grow as I go 🙂



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Hair today gone tomorrow.

November 14, 2009 at 11:42 pm (Life of SL Model, Musings) (, , , , )

Well I don’t know if it is senility as I am yet another year older two days ago lol or that I was feeling erm particularly silly the other night and in some very rare down time Shal and I decided to do something totally insane. We were talking about how I am always trawling for great hair. He has um one hair 🙂 Never the less I thought I would make some fun by well wearing all my hairs at once… Resulting picture follows….

It does seem a little silly to dress up like that but hey we all need some down time and we all need to have a laugh at our own expense. Now the resulting silliness caused us to have a giggling fit over some possible titles for the blog which was nice and also means now every time I go to put a hair on for an outfit I have to find out where I attached it!!!!! Oh well never mind a small price to pay for such fun for the evening. 🙂

Here were the possible titles 🙂
Now which shall I wear tonight?
Hair today gone tomorrow
I’m having a bad hair day
Hope I don’t get head lice
Hair raising day
New winter coat
Got hair?
Sort this out toni & guy
Is it shearing time
You gonna do some quilting ?
What do you think they’re gonna make of the hair… woman
How much shampoo do you think I need?
How much to re-colour all this?
How about a wax.. do i really need one?
Yeti’s love child
Boots here I come
Keel you really expect me to love you with all that hair – a lovely one from my other half 🙂
Remind me to purchase a lawn mower – his offering again.

LOL not sure it will cut it in the world of modeling but such fun was had!


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~@

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Ack I ran out of Lindens!

November 14, 2009 at 8:57 pm (Life of SL Model, Modeling world, Musings) (, , , , , , )

Have you ever had one of those days when you have a hundred new hairs to buy and three outfits to style and just need the perfect jewels to go with one of them and realise your out of Lindens. I know silly isn’t it you go along clicking on this and clicking on that thinking its all going to be ok and before you have blinked twice its all gone. Do not be fooled into thinking that as a starting out model you can make money in SL. It costs to keep up with the latest fashions and with having new photos done to be ahead of the game. It cost to have the billion skins the hundreds of hair they thousands of must have outfits and don’t even mention the shoes and accessories as well as the jewelery. I think in the last two months I have tripled my inventory no i dare say quadrupled it!!! Each day I come on I am sure it grows I remember hitting 10,000 a week ago and now its at a robust 11,550 so that means I need to start some more culling and also some more sorting. I need to sort the blonds and the brunettes, the earings from the necklaces and the pumps from the stilettos 🙂 It will be a totally huge task so I am going to dedicate a day to sorting. The only question now is when will I find the day:) What with full time teaching at the moment and also doing all the competitions and the castings I am up to the eyeballs in SL and RL work.
Now I can hear some models out there that have been in the business a lot longer then me say pish thats nothing you should see my inventory !! I remember not long ago having some inventory envy of a top model I happen to be chatting to in a well known hair shop. She warned me then and I still hear it ringing in my ears that she has two inventories 🙂 One for everyday one for modeling and I remember a foolish new to modeling girl thinking.. Huh why on earth would she need that! … Now I know. She was a wise master but the new Jedi could not see her path yet!! Well until I sort mine! I have said no more buying for you Miss Keeley Cooperstone. Eek what to do….

Sorting through my files…

Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Friends I have made with MRI

November 7, 2009 at 11:59 pm (Miss Refined International, MRI blogs) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

It is really quite interesting how since being selected for Miss Refined International how many of these lovely ladies I have come across in the modeling world. I was amazed what a great line up of people were in the group. We have a range of models that are well known and have modeled for many months or even years to other newly qualified models and even people that work within the fashion and beauty industry within many roles. Some of the ladies I have a great admiration for and have seen walk the runway. I remember going to watch shows where people like Precious Mannonen and Katherine Comet were showing lovely designs and I thought to myself how lovely it would be to look as graceful as them and wondering if I could work the room as good as they do 🙂 Through to newly graduated people like beauty Lourbridge who I helped walk with on her graduation show and paris Spingflower who I managed to see walk in her graduation show from ClassicwithStyle.
There are models I trained with at MPI such as Rachel Carstensz and Saleena Hax who are of exceptional quality and people that through other agencies I have walked with like Marianna Cortez and Queenbrat Bracken and models that I now pose in store like Queen and Lela Exonar at House of Beningborough. Finally and by no means lastly Dico who is part of the team at MPI and have worked with her for our graduation show.

It is great no matter what our walk in life in RL and also what defines us in SL we can all come together and through that make friends. I have become great friends with Queen and we really enjoy talking about modeling and also about the trials and tribulations of all that goes with modeling. We help each other when stuck on various things and when looking for that right sort of hair or wanting a second opinion on styling. It is nice to have someone to bounce things off against to help you when your stuck and to tell you things honestly and with good intention. I would say that in Queen I have found a true SL friend and confidant and that makes me feel very happy about getting to know such wonderful ladies through an event like this 🙂


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Modeling out of the box.

November 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm (Agencies, Life of SL Model) (, , , , , )

Infinite casting - SpookyOn Tuesday night oh yes quite some time ago I hear you say 🙂 but I have been that flat out. The world of modeling is relentless but so enjoyable. I remember someone saying you have to be infront and before the time to be up with the best. On Tuesday I attended the Infinite FOCUS Inc casting for their new show they are hoping to produce called Spook Fest – using the designs from Bounce. I hope it all comes off as it sounds lots of fun. I went to the Sim where Bounce Designs are located and found out that they were designers that not only did some interesting styles of clothes but also mainly from what I saw catered for the Neko ,Gorean and Furry admirers. They have some cool items if you are into any of these areas. I did like the Gor clothes and possibly would look to go back should something come up along the lines related with that. So with that in mind I went along to my casting looking a little different from the norm.
I remembered back to something KaylenaMaria Destiny said to me when I attended a class of hers at the Fashion Institute. She said at times there will be situations where you have to make yourself go out of the box. She was of course talking about avant garde outfits and styling. But I applied her words of wisdom to my casting. A wise friend in the modeling world and a person I have a great regard for said to me when you go to a casting you need to remember that you need to stand out but in a good way. So to do something different but unique that is in keeping with what the casting is about be it syling a little different or by the way you present yourself. So on her advice I also made a styling notecard to give to the judges of the agency so that they knew I put alot of thought into my outfit and why I chose it.

Well I turned up and in my oufit looked very different from the other girls who came in some lovely clothes but looked as they would any normal casting – well made up with lovely clothes, hair, skin and jewelery but not different or unique. I was starting to feel a little doubtful but knew I had to carry it through. The announcer said don’t forget ladies this is a costume type of show. A few of the girls quickly changed to something more edgy but I had been working on this one for two days so felt more comfortable and breathed a sigh of relief. As I took my place on the stage to do my walk I got nervous as I always do but was very happy with the choices I had made. I walked to the end and showed some of my poses and then requested to the judges could I give them my styling card. They agreed !!

Needless to say this was the icing on the cake I managed to get the casting and also had heard through the grapevine that they were very impressed with not only my styling but the notecard I used. I am so glad I took the chance listened to the advice of other more experienced people and just went for it. I think for me this was going out of the norm as I am never overly pushy and it gave me a more confindent air they must have been looking for. Onwards and upwards to new things. I am looking forward to another casting where I can try again to do something small a little differently or with my own unique twist to stand out a little more from the crowd.


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~>@
PS Here was what i Wrote 🙂

When I heard the title of the casting was Spook Fest I was thoroughly excited a chance to do something a little different, a little outside the box. Then the next fantastic news was to find out that Bounce were the designers and that made me more excited knowing that they did gore and neko and other wonderful clothes 🙂

I am wearing Star Bright witch outfit by AliciaKay Kilara who makes costumes at A touch of Ireland.
It features an underskirt and flexiskirt that gives it a see through tulle skirt that flows and turns easily. The Star bright top has long sleeves with pearl buttons on the sleves and matching pearl shade spotted bias that runs up the front and back partings. It is finished with an intricate spiders web at the front and back in black ribbon.
I have teamed this with Black Bax Ankle Patent leather boots.
Skin by Skinsane in Lonely Halloween Skin
Jewellery – Gems and Kisses black drop earings and swallowtail Branch Necklace Black. and Loulou and Co braclets
Hair by Tukinowaguma Lairry ebony

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Le Charme Le bella

November 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , )

Le Charme Le Charme Fashion ‘synonymous with high style and classic elegance and refined. The designers create clothes, necklaces, earrings, belts and precious finery.  A fascinating  journey started from 15th September’09 is what Ramona Planer and Mirtha Marjeta have undertaken.  Tonight I walked in the Second selection semifinals for Le Charm TOP MODEL.  It was a wonderful event held at the sim ***Sunset Stars***, Water (151, 174, 21) and hosted by Jenisha Kelbery in Italian and English. I think the funniest part for the models is that everything is heated and people are not so sure what is going on, as it’s in Italian, but the organisers do a great job at running up and down the length of the runway near the seats to make sure people are cued and things happen as they should – the  DVC chat is very funny and although a few tense moments generally everyone is enjoying their fifteen seconds in the limelight as they take that pulse racing walk down the runway and back.

The evening was filled with an appreciative crowd who were wowed by seven models wearing the marvelous Le Charme creations.  Each styled so individually from each other.  We had a wonderful panel of hosts who perused our styling, our presence and the way that we walked on the runway.  After much deliberation and many beautiful girls to look at a decision was finally made that the following ladies were to make it through to the next round of the event.

I would like to wish the following models and aspiring models all the best and congratulations as we move to the next round together.

1) amyjade Wirefly
2) Keeley Cooperstone
3) Nakia Decosta
3b)  Tarajane Darwin                              
4)Arisia Ashmoot
5)13 Cortes

They were all lovely and really put so much effort into their styling and design.  It is going to be a very hard competition and I can see I will really need to step up my game to do better to be the best I can be for the semi final show 🙂

I am very pleased to also be walking in the semifinals against my good Second Life friend Eden Freese.  She won the first round selection with impeccable style and supported me amazingly through my round.  Without her maybe I would not have realised this little gem…… right before my walk!!! 

A Leglace......

Needless to say that Emerald Viewer isnt all I thought it had cracked up to never trust when it says wear on Chest 2 that what you see in your screen is the same as what everyone else sees.   Thank you so much Eden for saving my skin 🙂    No matter the outcome of the next few stages I would be honored to be in them with her or even supporting her through those events. 

Thank you


Keeley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

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Just another day…

November 4, 2009 at 4:01 pm (competitions, Life of SL Model, Modeling world) (, , , , , , , , )

Well today has been mainly about being a Runway Model in store for House of Beningborough – I was lucky enough to enter my pictures in a Beningborough designed outfit for Week 1 of November and now have the chance if my work is good enough through pictorial form and through my in store modeling to be chosen for Model of the Month.  The prizes are amazing but above and beyond that it is also the chance to model in one of my, no I must say it the  most favourite store of mine in SL.  Here are the pics I put in for the first week entry. These were the ones or one of the ones that afforded me the placement in her model team for Week 1 and I am on tenterhooks about if I have made it for Week 2. 

Keeley Cooperstone - 1

Later today I am on a hair mission so will be visiting a plethora of stores in search for any new interesting and never seen before hair – MMh I wonder if that is possible at all… If you happen to see some great hair and think I should check it out contact me in world or leave me a little message right here 🙂


Keeley ~~~~~~~>@

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